To have a fun, exciting, and multiplayer experience, everyone would say “I’m Game!” regardless of their age or gender. In 2021, more than 2.7 billion online gamers are playing online games.

They spend nearly $180 billion to have fun. These numbers continue to grow each year, indicating that more people will require hardware infrastructures in order to play online games without lags.

Gaming VPS servers are a great solution to the growing number of online gamers. This article will show you how it ranks among the competition in a fair game, and which one is best for your needs.

What is a Virtual Private Server?

VPS gaming servers are an affordable, flexible, and customizable option for gamers. Our gaming area is completely private and secure against any online intruders. You can choose from Windows or Linux. Plus, you won’t have to worry about lags as the Gaming VPS robust features will adjust to your RAM and CPU needs.

Gaming VPS Servers for Gamers:

The Advantages

Gaming VPS has many irresistible features for gamers. They can save time and money on server maintenance, lags, as well as enjoy dedicated customizing freedom at a fraction of the cost.

Cost of the Gaming VPS

Hosting an online game requires budgeting to be successful. While shared VPS hosting is the most affordable, it also offers the least functionality.

It is possible thanks to the shared IP features of shared VPS. A dedicated server is best for those who have the technical know-how and money cheat code. VPS gaming is the best and most cost-effective option if money talks to you.


You have root access to all aspects of the VPS server by using it. You have full access to configure your private server, as well as setting up each port. Remote Desktop access will allow you to configure everything as you like.


Sharing servers is like Black Friday sales: whoever wins first gets more. The resources aren’t always shared equally, so you won’t be able to guarantee that you have enough RAM or CPU. The shared server has one IP address, which makes multiplayer games impossible because you don’t have an online identity.

The VPS server, on the other hand, gives you an IP and a reserved amount of resources. This is regardless of whether you use them. You can also adjust the number of resources you need whenever you want.

The Gaming VPS’s scalable resources will ensure that your server is always under load.

What to Expect from a Gaming VPS?

Here’s a checklist of requirements to create a gaming VPS server once you are ready to have some fun gaming with your friends. You should have the following requirements for your VPS game server:

Strong internet connection: This is what makes it possible to play online with other players. You don’t want to lose the game because your internet connection is not reliable and stable.

Sufficient storage: To support the multiplayer game on a gaming server, you need around 8GB of RAM. This gives you enough storage to store your big data while playing the games.

High-speed processor: It’s frustrating to see the system hang after you make a move and have no idea what went wrong. A lot of lags don’t make for a good game. A fast processor and sufficient memory are essential for a good gaming server.

High performance: This is another requirement for a gaming server, especially when you have more players.

Gaming VPS hosting’s scalable feature allows for the management of excess server load by real-time allocating appropriate resources.

Gaming VPS vs. Dedicated Server – Which Is Better For You?

“What about a dedicated server?” This depends on many factors. It’s possible to have a dedicated server for gaming if you have the financial resources and technical skills. Your gaming server will be yours to manage. You don’t need to share your gaming server with anyone and can configure the game as you wish.

A gaming VPS allows you to customize the system as you wish. This big difference doesn’t require any technical skills to maintain servers. All the work will be done by your VPS provider.

VPS gaming allows you to get almost everything you need for hosting a game at a fraction of the cost of dedicated servers. However, you’d better make sure you have enough CPU and RAM to support the game and users according to MangoMatter.

For this, we recommend you to check out the RouterHosting Gaming VPS hosting plans and find the best game VPS based on your needs and budget.

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