Intel released the first images the 12th-generation Core laptop processors this month. Our partner publication PCWorld is releasing remarkable benchmarks that reveal that Intel’s Core i9 offers an edge in performance against the Apple M1 Pro and M1 Max. So if you’re sitting in a rage, complaining about Apple for dropping Intel and longing for an Mac that has Intel’s latest chips, there’s something you can do to remedy that: Create Hackintosh.

In the last month fan site Dortania created an Hackintosh that runs the Intel Z690 processor–commonly known as Alder Lake. It’s a bright future for Intel-loving macOS enthusiasts everywhere. The site claimed that the chip was “a solid upgrade” over the previous models and offered “better performance per watt.”

But it’s not an experience that can be plugged in and played. The website said that the build was “far from perfect” and it was “harder to make Alder Lake run on the kernel side” as compared to previous Hackintoshes. In addition, they only tested it on a specific ASUS motherboard, however they were capable of getting macOS Monterey to boot and run with “acceptable efficacy” with the Intel chip.

One of the problems Dortania discovered with the set-up is a lack in an native Thunderbolt support, the loss of Wi-Fi connection when awakening from a sleep and Bluetooth functional issues with MacOS Monterey.

For those who aren’t familiar for those who aren’t familiar, the term “hackintosh” is a general term that refers to Hackintosh is a generic term that is often used to describe computers with PC components runs macOS. In the past we had a look at the steps required to construct an Hackintosh as well as constructed a few models of our own, including the gaming machine and a Apple Mac Mini.

It takes a significant amount of time, energy as well as patience and study is required. Websites such as Dortania offer information to help you get started and help you solve issues. For many users, Hackintosh building is a simple hobby However, for others it’s time and effort is worthwhile to own an “Mac” that’s customized to your specifications and is upgradeable in the future.

If you’re not keen on Apple silicon but would like to play Monterey it is possible to construct your own Hackintosh by following Dortania’s directions. But don’t think it will be as simple and enjoyable as installing a brand-new iMac.

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