Apple isn’t done until 2021, and this year’s October may be as big as September.

September was an extremely busy month for Apple and Apple Watch, as it typically is. It’s also the month in which the brand-new iPhones are announced as well as the most recent version of iOS as well as the new Apple Watch.

The September of this year was no exception in that it brought Apple releasing the iPhone 13 series, Apple Watch Series 7, and iOS 15. However, Apple also launched a brand-new iPad as well as an iPad mini. In the past, as the company is focusing on services, there were a few significant releases in the area as well as some much-anticipated Apple TV+ shows.

However, Apple isn’t done yet. There’s no official release of macOS 12 Monterey, there are numerous Apple TV+ shows and Apple Arcade games in the works, and we anticipate more new hardware. Particularly, the reports suggest that we can expect the release of new MacBook Pros and Air Pods. It could even be the possibility of a new Mac mini.

Here’s everything we can talk about coming in October, as well as the products we’ve heard of that, could be launched this month.

Apple Watch Series 7

Although Apple has already released its Apple Watch Series 7 it didn’t provide a shipping date, and you’re not able to even pre-order it. We’re not sure when it will be available however, rumors suggest the possibility that Apple will reveal the date for preorders in early October and a shipping date sometime in the middle of October. Even if the claims are not true, however, we believe it will be available for preorder in the month of October.

New products with a lot of rumor

We were hoping that the September event would bring us to brand new iPhones, Apple Watch, and AirPods. However, as if to show how the gossip mill may not know the same things they do, Apple threw us for an entire loop by introducing new iPads and Apple Watches, while the new AirPods were not discovered. We’re now anticipating another Apple event possibly in the month of October or perhaps November and announcing some new MacBook Pro models and maybe those brand new AirPods also.

AirPods 3. It’s been reported that the next generation of AirPods will be on display at the “next Apple event” so many times. According to the latest rumor, they’re actually being made and are scheduled to launch in the coming year, however, Apple hasn’t yet announced them. Is October the month to get them? At the moment, it’s anybody’s guess. We’ve been burned many times before. This next-generation AirPods Rumor roundup includes all the information.

MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models: There are rumors of the new MacBook Pro models in the works that will feature higher-powered Apple Silicon chips and drastic features and design changes. We believe they’ll be available in November, however, the event at which Apple will announce them may be in October. Preorders are expected in the latter half of October and products are available for purchase within the first week of November.

Mac mini: Mac minis with HTML0 are expected to be equipped with a brand new, high-performance chip, which we believe is likely to be named the M1X. There is talk of the redesigned Mac mini that will use identical chips. We estimate it to have 50/50 odds of being revealed along with the brand updated MacBook Pros.

Software updates and apps

Apple usually releases the majority of its new Operating system upgrades in the month of September. We aren’t sure if this year will be any different.

iOS 15.1 as well iPadOS 15.1

Although iOS 15 has been released it’s not equipped with every feature that was promised in June. There’s a beta version of iOS 15.1 already, that includes SharePlay and vaccine information in Wallet. We’re expecting that it will be released to the public by the end of October. The iOS 15.2 beta test will be launched shortly thereafter. We might even get iOS 15.2 in October. There are many new Emojis being added to iOS 15. And we anticipate it to be at the very least iOS 15.2 prior to that.

macOS 12 Monterey

In the past, Apple released macOS 11 Big Sur on November 12 shortly after its Mac-centric event. But, in 2020, it was a delayed year for COVID… macOS 12 Monterey is likely to follow the same pattern but the release date could occur a bit earlier. Also, instead of a Mac-centric event and a macOS release at the beginning of November might receive both at the end of October, mid-to-late.


Apple Fitness+

Apple has just added Pilates and guided meditation on Fitness+ at the end of September, however, it is continuing to work on its pledge to launch the service to 15 countries at the close in the calendar year. The new countries include Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates, and certain of them could receive access in October, however, we believe that the majority of them will be later.

The brand-new Group Workouts feature that lets up to 32 people participate in the same exercise simultaneously online is dependent on SharePlay. Because SharePlay is expected to launch in iOS 15.1 on October 1st (and likely TVOS 15.1 too) It could be a sign of the introduction of this feature in Fitness+.

Apple TV+

The September of September was a big month, and October is full of great stuff as well. Look throughout our list of forthcoming AppleTVand series, shows, and films to see what’s in the near future.

Ted Lasso Season 2: The final episodes of season 2 air through October. The conclusion airing on the 8th of October.

Get Rolling with Otis: An animated children’s television series about Otis the little tractor that has a heart and his friends from the farm. Premieres October 8.

Acapulco: Maximo Gallardo’s dreams come real when he accepts the job of his life as a cabana waiter at the most sought-after place in Acapulco. The job is more complex than he could have imagined. to do well the job, he has to master how to navigate a shrewd customer base, a volatile instructor, and a tangled family life, all while avoiding the shortcuts or the temptations. Premieres October 8.

Puppies Place: Based on the most-read book, Puppy Place is a story of the pet-loving siblings Charles Peterson and Lizzie Peterson, and the puppies they care for seeking forever homes. There will be eight live-action shows. Premieres October 15.

“Invasion”: Apple describes this as the “character-driven science fiction drama series that follows an alien invasion through different perspectives around the world.” It premieres on 22nd October.

Swagger Drama series that is based on the career and life of NBA star Kevin Durant and his youth basketball experience. It’s not an autobiography of Kevin Durant’s story, however. Premieres October 29.

Apple Arcade

Apple introduces new games to Apple Arcade each Friday however there isn’t all Friday is marked with an exciting new game or upgrade. Visit the Apple Arcade FAQ for a complete listing of Apple Arcade games and more details about the service. A lot of games are launched without warning and you’ll typically find a few projects that are listed in the Coming Soon section. Certain games have release dates, but the majority are released on a whim. Games that include the “+” at the end are games that have already been launched on the App Store but are receiving a new version (without microtransactions or ads) on Apple Arcade.

These are titles from the Coming Soon section, many of which will be available in October.

Thumper Pocket Edition+: A rhythm-based action racing game that was first made available through the App Store in the year 2017. The game is scheduled to be released on October 1st.

Crossy Road+ The game is the same as Frogger encounters an infinite runner, which is one among the App Store’s most played games.

Small WingsPlus: The original is nearly a decade old and was among the most popular (and most played) early iPad games.

NBA 2K22 Arcade Version A new version of the wildly popular basketball game made specifically by Apple Arcade.

Crayola Explore and Create: Color, doodle paint, and other Crayola-branded kid art tools.

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