Apple confirms that it will remove the accessibility feature from the latest models of its phones.

Since that the iPhone 13 arrived in the market, people have been asking what happened to the Phone Noise Cancellation feature disappeared. It was initially thought to be a glitch is now come to light as a move by Apple to remove the feature.

The feature was previously located under your Audio/Video Accessibility settings and it’s generally enabled by default. Its goal can be used to “reduce ambient background noise on phone calls when you’re holding the receiver to your ear,” and unless you’re one of the users who would like to turn this feature off, you’ll probably not realize it was there.

However, without it, phone calls may be muffled and muddy in the event of noises that are happening around you. When we discovered that the feature was not present we assumed that it was due to a bug however, 9to5Mac claims that it’s gone forever.

The publication was approached by a reader who shared a post that he sent to Apple Support on Twitter. In response to a query, Apple told him “Phone Noise Cancellation is not available on iPhone 13 models, which is why you do not see this option in Settings.”

The reader inquired whether “the iPhone 13 series of phones just do not support noise cancellation for phone calls,” and the Apple Support representative replied, “That is correct.”

There’s a problem with an aspect of the iPhone 13 prevents Apple from offering this feature on the latest models of its phones. Apple has an equivalent feature, called Voice Isolation, but that’s only intended for FaceTime calls.

For calls that are not regular you’ll need AirPods Pro if you want noise cancellation.

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