Apple announced a lot of new stuff during its September “California Streaming” event. These included new iPads and four iPhone 13 models, as well as the Apple Watch Series 7, new Apple Fitness+ products, and the new Apple Watch Series 7. There’s plenty to be excited about, even if you aren’t an Apple fan. You’ll see a lot of footnotes, asterisks, and press releases on the product pages and spec sheets.

These are the important details that you might have overlooked.

Cinematic Mode is limited to 1080p and 30fps

Apple has made a lot of buzz about Cinematic Mode, Apple’s new video mode that shoots Dolby Vision HDR. It also stores focus information in the video data, so you can change it later. Cinematic Mode can be a great feature but is not necessary if you aren’t interested in 4K. Cinematic Mode only supports 1080p and 30fps.

ProRes is limited to 1080p on the 128GB iPhone 13 Pro

Fans who are excited to shoot in ProRes after an update later this year might want at least 256GB storage on their iPhone 13 Pro. The 128GB model only supports 1080p resolution at 30 frames per second. You will need the 256GB model or higher to get 4K resolution, which is still limited to 30fps. Apple stated that ProRes is only available for iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 13 Pro Max models. Cinematic mode is available on all iPhone 13 models.

iPhones are all just slightly thicker and heavier

All iPhone 13 models measure 0.01 inches (0.25mm thicker) than the iPhone 12 models. Your old iPhone 12 case would not have been able to fit due to the larger camera array. They are also between 5 and 8 percent heavier depending on which model they are. A 10-gram weight difference is not uncommon.

iPhone 13

The Notch Is Shorter, But Also Wider.

Apple was very proud of the iPhone 13’s notch being 20% narrower than the iPhone 12. It is a very obvious difference and we may even receive another status bar icon due to it. You may not be aware that the notch is just slightly taller. Although it’s a small difference, we will gladly accept the tradeoff. However, it appears clear in Apple’s photos.

The iPhone 13 notch is only a little bit higher.

Dual eSim support in iPhone 13 

Dual-SIM was supported by the iPhone 12 with one nano-SIM, and one eSIM. Dual-sim is possible with the iPhone 13 line if your carrier supports it.

iPhone 13 Pro Features an Additional GPU Core

Five GPU cores are available in the A15, but only four are active on the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, while all five are active on the iPhone 13 Pro, Pro Max, and iPhone 13 Pro. This means that the iPhone 13 Pro may have a 25% higher graphics performance than the iPhone 13 (though a gap of 15% is more likely in real-world scenarios).

Size of iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone Pro Max Differs

Apple introduced features to the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year that were not available elsewhere, even the iPhone 12 Pro. The telephoto camera had a 2.5x zoom rather than a 2x zoom. The standard Wide camera was 47 percent larger and featured sensor-shift image stabilization. You had to get the largest iPhone if you wanted the best.

The iPhone 13’s Pro and Pro Max models look identical except for differences in battery capacity and size. You don’t need to purchase the largest model if you don’t want one.

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