Apple on Tuesday released an update to Keynote Numbers, Keynote, and Pages three applications that comprise the iWork software suite that is available for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The latest version 11.2 features improve the accessibility of iWork open to more people and allow users to create more entertaining content.

The latest features that are included in the three apps are:

Instant translation to the 11 different various languages (iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey required)

The possibility for users to join others in the document they share (iOS 15, and iPadOS 15 are required)

Audio graphs can be used to provide charts for those who have vision disabilities (iOS 15 or iPadOS 15 are required)

Charts of radar for comparing different variables

The capability to create documents from the Keynote Pages, Keynote, or Numbers macOS Dock icons

Below is the information for the latest features available for each app.

Keynote Live video and support for multi-presenters

Apple’s presentation software, Keynote, adds a few new features that improve the quality of presentations. Keynote allows presenters to use the front-facing camera of iPhone iPads, tablets as well as Macs to incorporate live video. The live feed will appear in the background of Keynote slides, and it can be adjusted in size as well as “styled with masks, frames, drop shadows, and reflections.”

People who want to invest more time and effort into their presentations can make use of Keynote’s capability to connect to several external cameras to improve the live video experience and it is also possible to join the iPhone or iPad directly to a slide to use the device to perform a live demonstration.

The multi-presenter feature can be utilized by presenters in the same space or connected remotely using the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Additionally, Apple states that presenters can “seamlessly” switch between each their respective presentations.

Keynote allows you to add an online video feed that is displayed alongside your slides.


Other new features include slideshow control options, and iPhone drag-and-drop functionality among apps (iOS 15 is required).

The update for Keynote is 498.5MB in size on iOS and iPadOS and 305MB for MacOS. The update is available for download through Apple’s App Store.

Pages: More optimized for iPhone

In Apple’s press announcement, “People read Pages documents on iPhone more than any other device.” Therefore, the new version of the Pages’ Pages writing application has the iPhone in the back of your mind. Screen View is a new feature. Screen View option lets you view documents in one column optimized for iPhones. Users can still access the entirety of Pages’ features within Screen View, which can be turned off at any time.


Other new features include enhanced book publishing options, as well as an updated Quick Format bar in the iPhone version to edit documents.

The update for Pages is 493.8MB for iOS as well as iPadOS or iPadOS, and 287.3MB for macOS. The update is available to download from the App Store.

Numbers: Pivot tables

One of the primary reasons Microsoft Excel users won’t touch Apple’s Numbers was the absence of support of pivot tables. This has changed in Version 11.2–not just do you have the tools for creating pivot tables however, you can even import pivot tables you’ve created by Excel. The pivot tables are also available on versions for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac versions.

Other features that have been updated include Quick Filters to display rows that match the specified value, and new filter options that can be used to locate duplicate entries in data and distinct values.

Pivot tables finally reach numbers.

AppleThe number update The Numbers update is 527.6MB for iOS as well as iPadOS and 255.9MB on macOS. It is available for download through its iOS and Mac App stores.


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