There were a lot of a few swings and misses.

Each time Apple organizes events, it is possible to know what we can expect to be announced. You’ve kept track of the rumors for months and weeks before the big day The actual keynote is similar to watching a show that you’ve seen before and awaiting your most loved scenes.

However, that was not the case when it came to the “California streaming” occasion. While the rumor mill was able to get several points right on the first go, they missed a few major predictions. For every accurate prediction, like the iPhone 13’s larger battery, or the Apple Watch’s bigger screen, there was a huge error that was more than any other recent event. The leakers and rumor mongers did wrong:

Air pods Didn’t Make an Appearance

The biggest omission of the day was the absence announcement of Air Pods. It’s as if AirPods are brand new. AirPods were rumored to be coming at every event since the release of the iPhone 11, but nearly everyone agreed that they’d finally be included with the iPhone 13. It didn’t happen, and in reality, Apple did not even talk about AirPods in any way.

The iPhone 13 Doesn’t Have Any Satellite Capabilities 

A rumor surfaced in the last few weeks in the name of Ming-Chi-Kuo and gained momentum after a little confirmation from Mark Gurman, the iPhone 13 was supposed to have satellite connectivity that would allow the phone to make calls and send text messages when cell service wasn’t available because of the introduction of a brand new 5G modem.

Unfortunately, the rumor was not to be but at the very least Gurman advised that the feature most likely would not arrive until the end of next year, and it would only be limited to basic information for emergencies and not for phone calls.

iPhone 13 has some new features however satellite connectivity isn’t among the features.

The iPhone 13 Doesn’t Have an Always-On Display

There have been rumors of an all-day display being added for the iPhone for a long time and it was believed it was this iPhone 13 was the model which would actually provide the feature. We’ve seen rumors, renders, and leaks from well-known analysts such as Gurman along with Max Weinbach, but nary reference to the new feature was made to the iPhone 13’s keynote. Perhaps it will be in the iPhone 14.

The Apple Watch Was Not Designed with A “Flat” Design 

Another rumor that seemed to be a certainty was an updated model to Apple Watch. Apple Watch. A few months ago, Jon Prosser reported on a flat appearance for the Apple watch with sharper corners that matched the iPhone that was later confirmed in the past by Gurman. Although Apple’s Series 7 Watch did get the larger screen that was promised, however, the design is quite a squircle. And there’s nothing flat about it.

Apple Watch Series 7 Doesn’t Offer a Longer Battery Life

Apple hasn’t yet released its technical specs website for the Apple Watch Series 7 as of yet however, if it had it, you’d find this in the section titled Power that it can last up the time to be 18 hours. 

The reports prior to the event were insistent about the fact that it would be the first time that an Apple Watch would have a larger battery and Weinbach saying that it would experience its “first real improvement in battery life” since its release.

Although Apple promoted its new Apple Watch’s upgraded capacity for charging, it offered absolutely nothing about battery life at the event.

Apple Watch Series 7 Apple Watch Series 7 has more power, but it has the same battery time.

The iPad Mini Doesn’t Come with A Smart Connector

The unveiling of the iPad mini at the “California streaming” event was unexpected in and of itself, but the rumor mill was able to predict the majority of the features on Apple’s latest tablet. There was one exception. Following an article from Prosser, 9to5Mac also predicted that the iPad mini will “feature the Smart Connector that is magnetic like that of the iPad Air or iPad Pro,” but it didn’t happen. Apple instead announced a brand-New Smart Folio case in a handful of colors, however, the only thing that connects magnetically is the new Apple Pencil.

The Apple Watch Isn’t Equipped with Any New Processor

One of the most talked-about speculations regarding this Apple Watch Series 7 was that the Apple Watch was the new processor that was rumored to be more efficient and smaller and use a dual-sided process of manufacturing to make room for a larger battery as well as other health-related components. Apple did not even mention the chip at the time of yesterday’s announcement, and it’s not listed at all on the Apple Watch Series 7 page–because it’s the identical S6 system-in-package that was used on the Series 6.

New colors are available for everything. But they are not what we had hoped for.

It Was a Bit Difficult to Predict the Colors a Bit Off.

New colors were a key element of the keynote yesterday however, the colors we had hoped for, iPad mini matching iPad Air, Sunset Gold, Bronze, and matte black were a little off. The most popular color is Starlight and it’s either off-white or very light gold, based on the way you view it. It’s not just the Pro, as well The Pro is now available in a New Sierra Blue color, the 13 has an entirely new blue shade as does Midnight The iPad mini has been updated to purple and Apple Watch has a new color. Apple Watch got an olive-green hue. None of these were expected.

The iPad Mini Has Seen a Significant Price Hike

With some differences, the rumors regarding an iPad mini were mostly accurate, offering an all-screen layout with USB-C connectivity, as well as Apple Pencil 2 support. However, what nobody expected was a price increase. The mini is now priced at $499, which is a massive $100 more than the previous model.

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